California Lemon Law

Are you residing in California and suspect you have purchased a defective car in California?

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California Lemon Law Information

The California Lemon Law pertains to vehicles
  • In the first 18 months or very first eighteen thousand miles, after vehicle delivery.
  • Repaired for serious safety problem a minimum of twice
  • Required repairs four or more times for a lot of a problem
  • That are out of service for any cumulative total of 30 or more days
The manufacturer from the said defective vehicle pays for the consumer's hourly attorney's fees for selling the lemon for you.

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As a purchaser or lessee of an automobile you have various rights under both the state and federal law in case your vehicle does not perform as provided under the convey warranty

The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act (beginning with Civil Signal section 1790) provides protection for consumers who lease or buy new cars.