Did You Know These Facts About The Lemon Law?

Just what Lemon?
A car generally qualifies as a Lemon if if it's been repaired 4 or more times for the same defect within the Warranty Period and the Defect is not fixed. All American states differ on lemon laws, which means you should consult the Lemon Law Summary and the State Statutes for the particular state. Note that the warranty period may or might not coincide with the manufacturer's warranty.

Do I have the Lemon?
If you found 10 things you don't like about your new car but do not require prevent you from driving it, then No, you don't have a Lemon.

However, lf the brakes don't work correctly, the car won't go into reverse gear, or the car chugs along at 30 mph when it ought to be going 50 mph, then Yes, you may have the Lemon, provided that you've given the manufacturer an chance to repair the defect.

This law varies from state to convey. Texas lemon law is different from California lemon regulation. In most States, 10 different defects during the Warranty Period doesn't brand the car as a Lemon. But in other people, a single defect that might cause Serious Injury can make your car a Lemon if the manufacturer cannot repair the problem within 1 attempt.

Mind it, even if you possess a lemon, but if you do nothing to protect your own Consumer Rights, such as documents supporting your Repairs and the opportunities given to the Manufacturer an opportunity to fix the problem(s), you lose all rights under the different State Warranty Acts.

Do I need a Lawyer?
In certain states (with proper documentation) you yourself can file the complaint. In other states, however, you will need to employ an attorney.

Who pays the Lawyer?
In few says, if your Attorney sues under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Behave, you will be awarded Attorney Fees if you earn. However, you must pay the manufacturer's Attorney Fees should you lose.

Is a Used or Leased Car protected underneath the lemon law?
Some states include used and leased cars within their Lemon Law statutes while others provide protection only with regard to new cars. In some states, even the Attorney General is unable to tell you if your Leased vehicle is covered due to the way the law is phrased and will also be referred to an Attorney for clarification of the regulation. See the Lemon Law Summary and the State Statutes for the particular State to determine what is covered.