Tips to Protect your Investment

1. Numerous a times, your new car isn't suspected of as being a Lemon until it is too late (e. g. from warranty, etc). Keep a record of every repair go to, starting with the first one, to protect your privileges under Consumer Laws. Maintain a repair log to report every Repair Attempt.

2. A good documentation is usually helpful. Put your complaints in writing and keep a copy on your own. Always obtain a copy of any Warranty Repair Purchases. Demand a copy if necessary and if the dealer won't give you one, be sure to document the truth. When you pick up your car, obtain an Bill. The dealer may claim that you are not eligible for an Invoice because there were no charges.
Remember. It is your decision to prove repair attempts! The final Invoice shows that which was or was not repaired.

3. You must make sure to describe the defect a similar on each repair visit or you may forfeit your rights underneath the "reasonable attempts to repair for the same defect" terms.

4. Be sure that the date & time within, odometer reading and date & time you picked in the car is properly recorded. In most States you are covered by the Lemon Law if the vehicle has been around the repair shop for an accumulative number of days throughout the coverage period.

5. The emotional trauma dealing with a defective vehicle has lots of bearing on your case. So, if there is any kind of instance like, car failure in the middle of the desert or in the centre lane of rush hour freeway traffic, take proper note from the date and time, the amount of time you needed to wait for assistance, whether or not you had to rent an automobile, and your general overall feelings. Who knows, it may help.

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